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What is CatoBot?

CatoBot is a platform of task automation applications that you can enable on demand to help you save time, improve productivity and engage with others. We use state-of-the-art machine learning technologies to develop smart software that can read, hear, see and reason.

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Build for business, designed for conversation!

CatoBot tasks can be implemented on popular messaging platforms (Facebook messenger, Slack, Skype etc) and voice devices (Amazon Alexa and Google Home). With more than 1 billion active monthly users across messaging platforms chatting becomes a dominate way of communication. Bots are growing fast on these platforms and they “eat the world” one conversation at the time!

Smart Applications

We use state of the art machine learning technologies to support CatoBot with text analysis, natural language understanding and computer vision capabilities.

We also integrate the software tools you use, know and trust.

Software at your service

CatoBot connects popular social platforms, machine learning tools and your favourite software services in powerful task automation applications that work for you. If you need to provide assistance, information, reporting or entertainment at scale over texting or voice platforms you should consider task automation with CatoBot.

Explore tasks
  • Assist

    Use CatoBot to help clients use products, book appointments and find parking.

  • Inform

    Keep your audience up to date with the latest news. Bring instant and on demand information.

  • Report

    Your team or clients can use social media to report problems in real time by texting.

  • Entertain

    Build engaging and playful experiences for your brand. Entertain your audience.

One-stop shop for your bot needs

You need to launch a customised, scalable and reliable bot quickly and affordably.
We offer all the value without the hustle.

Customised Bot Training

We'll use your data and your insights to train CatoBot on your business needs and expectations.

Scalable Hosting

We take care of everything! You do not have to worry about servers and service availability.

Service Monitoring & Analytics

We monitor service performance and we report usage analytics in human readable format.

CatoBot Tasks

Explore the collection of CatoBot automations.
Some tasks are better done by bots. Put CatoBot to work!


Event Manager

Assist Your Attendees

Use CatoBot to assist your event attendees with information about sessions and exhibitors.


Voice Newsflash

Timely News Feed

Your audience can hear your latest news on Alexa or Google Home. Transform your text feed into audio content.


Asset Tour

Inform About Assets

Are you in real estate, equipment hiring or car rental business? Use CatoBot to help your clients find information about your offerings.


Hotel Concierge

For Guests Who Text

Let your hotel guests to order a taxi or book the spa over popular messaging platforms. They only have to chat with CatoBot.


Calendar Assistant

Text Appointment Booking

CatoBot can be your reservations chatbot to automate appointment booking for service businesses.


Voice Hotel Concierge

Make your Guests Heard

Let your hotel guests to order a taxi or book the spa with voice. They only have to ask CatoBot.


Audio Streamer

Broadcast for Voice

Broadcast your audio over Amazon Alexa & Google Home.

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